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PostSubject: Internationals    Internationals  Icon_minitimeFri Mar 15, 2019 7:04 pm

Hi all , have for sale some figures from the so called Internationals and Front liner range . All vintage unless stated . Think these are over looked and underrated figures and some are hard to put together , try and find complete ones on eBay . I have tried to point out any minor faults but please study the photos and ask any questions before buying . Am happy to hold till payday as long as you go through with the deal . Smile  PayPal preferred but accept most other types of payment .  

Tank Commander Blue Jacket . £55 Eagle Eyes head  ( nice but not perfect ) on original body with replacement hands . Holster has replacement button .

Internationals  P1080704

Internationals  P1080706

Internationals  P1080708

Internationals  P1080709

Internationals  P1080711

Russian Front liner Uniform with extras on a nice Eagle Eye figure  £65

Internationals  Flikr-P1070438

Internationals  Flikr-P1070434

PENDING U.N He Talks .£55 Nice short sleeved shirt and trousers , Beret ( Complete with replacement badge ) . Armband and belt .

Internationals  Flikr-P1070423

Internationals  Flikr-P1070431

U.S.M.C £45 Eagle Eyes head on original vintage body , with replace gripping hands . Uniform complete with all insignia , their is some glue marks from where the insignia stripes are placed , just need re fixing with fabric glue or similar , M1 rifle , helmet and Cotswolds tall brown boots .

Internationals  Sale-P1070371

Internationals  Sale-P1070374

Internationals  Sale-P1070375

Internationals  Sale-P1070376

Internationals  Sale-P1070377

Desert Uniform . £55 Eagle Eyes head on a vintage body , with replacement 40th gripping hands . There is some marks on the rear of the jacket , it is in otherwise very nice condition .

Internationals  P1080046

Internationals  P1080045

Internationals  P1080049

Duffle Coat plus kit  £40 Dressed on a bearded Eagle Eye figure , very nice clean figure .

Internationals  P1080017

Internationals  P1080021

Internationals  P1080024

Internationals  P1080023

Russian International £55 Nice cammo uniform with buttons , and extras . Minor rub to beard under chin . Hands are vintage eagle eye grippers .

Internationals  P1080027

Internationals  P1080028

Internationals  P1080032

Internationals  P1080033

Custom U.N £45 . 2nd issue Fatigues , U.N beret  ( With replacement badge )   Belt and SLR Rifle . Eagle Eyes head ( nice but not perfect ) on a original body with replacement 40th gripping hands .

Internationals  P1080034

Internationals  P1080037

Internationals  P1080039

Internationals  P1080042

" There will be no Mercy ."  Chip Hazard .
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