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 BAM HQ's Bad Guys!

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PostSubject: Re: BAM HQ's Bad Guys!    BAM HQ's Bad Guys!  - Page 4 Icon_minitimeThu Oct 17, 2019 8:09 am

Dreadnought wrote:
gibri wrote:
It is an interesting range of figures. Very high quality uniforms and gear and a really unique quality to the head sculpts. Where most of the high-end figures now are going for extreme realism with the head sculpures, these have a different quality I can't quite find the right word for. Cartoonish isn't quite right, maybe graphic.        

I was interested to see a female figure, but instead of a copper, I think I'd like to see a nice gun moll or femme fatale.    
cheers cheers cheers

You've voiced my thoughts there Gibri. These do have an extra something it's hard to discern.
Excellent looking figure Dal. Like your inventive photos with him too ! Very Happy

Many thanks Kev! bounce bounce
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BAM HQ's Bad Guys!
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