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 Smith Hutcheson: A Friend in Need by Ackie88

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PostSubject: Smith Hutcheson: A Friend in Need by Ackie88    Mon Jul 29, 2013 4:37 pm

Smith Hutcheson: A Friend in Need

A month has pasted and it has been quite quit around Cadia. We are just cleaning the place up and burning the dead. "We should be finished soon sir," said a demolition guy. "Good, good keep up the work." " Now we have other maters to consider." We have heard that the Terrax Guard need our help," said the General. "But sir, we can't help them. All our troops are in action at the moment and we can't pull them out just like that. We just can't". said the Commissar. "We do have a squad of reserve Storm Troopers." said the General. "Who are they and would they be up to it sir" said the commissar. "Oh yes, they would be. They are led by one of the best sergeants we have, Smith Hutcheson. One of you men tell Smith to come here with his men." "Yes sir." "Can we help you Sir? What do you want us for? said Smith "Sit down men. Now men, for starters I am so sorry that Andro Anderson and Paul Connell are dead. They were brave men like everyone in this company." "Thank you for caring sir" said Smith. "You can only take 4 men with you on this mission." A man and a woman were coming down the coridor "Are, here come two of them now." They opened the door and saluted the General. "At ease gentlemen, please sit down. Smith, I would like you to meet Mark Pearson and Nicky Dobson. "Sweet sir, a women." "Shut up Skinner" said Smith chuckling. "Pearson and Dobson are experts on at special weapons" said the General.Right men he spok in a serris vose and said I have had a srec call from one of my olled friends his name Senior Offcer Conrad and he is in charch of the Terrax Guard. The Terrax Guard live on the planet Terrax, Terrax is a major Schola Progenium facility and train many Imperial agents for war, notably storm Troopers and Commissars are traind too. the Tyranids are trining to overunning it. Senior Offcer Conrad is misson and he mite be ingerd I dount no thats wiy I have arst you men to hep look for him when you find him stay with him intellI say. ""As you can guess, this is vital for the Imperium."

"Lucky us, we get the big basteds, Grab your equipment men." said Smith as they strapped themselves in there seats in the Valkery. The powerful craft blasted into space and warped into orbit around Terrax. "Almost at your destination guys. Get ready" said the pilot. "Not yet, there is something on my radar. 2, 10 ,15 , 22, 32 gargoyles are coming this way." "Quickly open the mounted doors" shouted the co-pilot. "Yes sir" replied the two door gunners together. They opened the doors and started firing at the gargoyles. "Try and shot at the head or at the wings." The gargoyles came from both sides. Suddenly they heard a clank. "Oh no this can't be happenen", said the pilot. "What has happened" said the copilot. "One of the gargoyles has hit an engine and its been taken out. We have to do a crash landing" The Valkery dropped into a nose dive. "Hold on," shouted the pilot, "We are going to crash." With a loud band the craft hit the ground. Smith looked up and saw that the two door gunners were knocked out. He uncliped his seat belt and got up to see if the rest of them were OK.

"Sir", said Nicky "What happend? Are we all OK? My head herts". "OK lass, You rest your head while I see if the rest of the crew are alive. Max, Skinner, Pearson are you all OK." "Yes sir, all but the pilots." Smith looked around "Shit they're dead. Skinner is that ramp open?" "No sir, it's jamed." "Pearson, use your grenade launcher to brake through the ramp"' said Smith. "Yes sir, stand back boys." "Er I would do it quick if I were you, there is a big Tyranid coming this way very fast", said Max. "I will get on the heavy bolter", said Smith. He pushed the unconcious gunner off the seat and sat down. With all his might he swun the heavy bolter to face the running Tyranid and started to fire in short bursts. The tyranid fell down on the dusty ground. "Well done Sir, I heard that you are one of the best veteran sergeants they have, now I believe them. Now I know I'm in safe hands." smiled Nicky. "No shit girl, no doubt about it. He is the best, remember that"' said Skinner. "Right men, stop the chit chat and let us get out of this ship. Grab your guns and move." They all stepped out of the hole that Pearson had made with his grenade launcher. As thay cold see thay sor that thay had crashsted right in the midall of the city Terrax. "Lets clear the pesty bugs boys", said Smith. As they moved around the city they shot at any Tyranid they saw.

Threy are some men over in that broken bildon and Tyranids are swormine them very quickle said Max. You no wate this means sir lests get stuck in and help them said Skinner Charge shouted Smith as they wery runing thy blasted Tyranids left right and senter. Thank you, thank you you all saved us said a man klusing his leg I am Senior Offcer Conrad if you dident cume and rescyou us god nose wate wold have hapened theys are my only men left in my squod commissar Benerd and an Autocannon team wich is running uot of amou quickle and me injed we have ben stuck her for one night said Senior Offcer Conrad. Wate about your troppes arnt they enre left said Smith. Dont no thery mite be. Smith radoed sir cum in sir we found Senior Offcer Conrad he looks in a bad way, well done you found him stay with him for just now over and out. Ok I have ben told to stay with you. Its strang I shuold be helping you but in sted you are helping me hoo can I ever rey pay you back said Senior Offcer Conrad. Huos about you stay alive for us mabe hu said Skinner with a smilal. Right we cart just stand her wery is your camp bacsed said Smith sumwery over they but I cant wark and we wold be eating up if we went out they and its dark and you do want me to stay alive. said Senior Offcer Conrad. Right Pearson you give Senior Offcer Conrad a pigge back ride and we shall head slowle to they camp. As they wery working they sor sume Tyranids pick up solders and tacking them back to the muther ships and sum of them festen on them. I cant berit looking at them said Nicky We nead to rest sume wery said Smith over they wery that cherch is said Max. One of us will cepy gard and we well swap sifts be twen us said Smith.. they reasch the camp in the afternoon it was small and had some gun inplacmets. HEOL shouted Senior Offcer Conrad ENEY BUDE THERY . but no repliy came back. Lets look around the place and find some equitment said Pearson. Check it out bunk beds and some left over food tins sweet Im on the top bunk said Skinner happyle. they fond some amo cases and a medekit. It was quit at night time Smith coldent get to sleap so he decided to tack a wark around the camp site as he was waking he saw sume more Tyranids warkiing forwerd with dede corpses to the hive ship the more he looked the more he thort to his self ther must be a Hive tyranid in they yes thery is he said to his self. He quickle ran back to get his equipt on. Nicky woke up and heard smith colecton stuff whot are you douning she said slepply. Im goning in, what do you mean she said agen I mean that Im going to the hive ship to hunt the down Hive tyranid he said wiy? she arsked becouse if I kill it the uthery tyranids would fle beaouse they cant seviv with out it so forth the end of the invacon of tyranids on this planet you sea he said quikle. Yes but you cant leve Senior Offcer Conrad and you arnt goning alone Im goning with you wether you lick it or not I am good with specialis weapons remember. Ok then you can cume with me hure nou smith said.Avoding the tyranids they ran quitle to the muther ship and crept into it they saw olover the ship ded bodes kufferd gruel. they are cuvered in biological grue from which new tyranid organisms aregrown spoke Smith quitle. Ho nice Nicky galpted do you now we kold be just licke them she said agen , I now he said. Lets kepe moven infunt of them was the Hive tyranid with two tyrant guards. what do we do nou we cant sneak past them can we liike the uthers we past said Nicky quitle. What ones heading this way get back in the shadods said Smith. Smth wipted uot his hellpistol and aimid it at his head as it was goun past it hit the tyrant guard rite in the back of the head . . One down Two to go Said Smith The uther tyrant guard heard the shoot and ran to sea wate it was the Hive tyranid foled as well thar bouth looked at Smith and Nike. Which one do you whant I'll tack the big one said Smith that means I'll have the small one said Nicky The Tyranids ran towards them. Nicky kickted the tyrant guard in the head and then fired a kupall of rounds of her hellgun at it and it dropted down ded. Smith swuning round his melta gun and amid it at him befor he kold fire a shot it got knockt out of his hand as the Hive tyranid jumt at him he open his mouth and berd his teth at smith. Fending off the leathall attack with his arm. The Hive tyranid bit into Smith's arm. Berring the pane Smith reced for his bolt pistal from his gun houster with his free hand and firing a mass-reactive,explosive shell blouing of his head and rensed Smith's bloude arm out of his sockert with him. Smith are you ok scremnd Nicky she tourk her rado out and said Pearson kum in I repet Pearson kum in, Yes Dobson Im her wate do you whant said Pearson. Good can you come with a mede kit please Iv got Smith with me and he has had his arm bittton off we are in the hive ship come quick she sherd over and out. In a kupol off minits Pearson came with Max, Skinner and a medick. I did a berter job that a first aid kit. wery is Senior Offcer Conrad said Smith, Senior Offcer Conrad is still wery you left him his trops have came back some wery wonded but most of thm are all kay Senior Offcer Conrad is on kruches he got tretmet on his brocken leg. Nice who killed him smilled Skinner looking at the head less Hive tyranid. That was me said Smith as he got lifted on a strecher. We cant tack you back to your amy hospitall it is to far away and we are still fiting the tyranids so we are tacking you back to Cadia its a bit mor peas fall they but we will tack you back to camp firt if thats ok said the medick. they went back to camp Smith shouted Senior Offcer Conrad all my troops are back but some are gouning back to fite its not over yet,It's over your men dount have to go out and risk ther lives eny more the Tyranids are all dead now said Smith. But how, whats made therm stop atking us ouestoned Senior Offcer Conrad. He sloterd the big bug smilled Skinner. Yes thank you for the prace Skinner, I went into the muther ship with Dobson, to hunt doun the Hive tyranid because I know if I killed the Hive tyranid the rest of the tyranids would fley because thay would have no one to tack orders from. I deferted the Hive tyranid I reced for my bolt pistal from my gun houster with my free hand and firing a mass-reactive,explosive shell blouing of his head, Come on sir its here said Pearson.Senior Offcer Conrad saloted with a smillow and said nice meating you Smith, Smith saloted back then he got cared in to the valkery. the ramp clouthsed and thery took off. We are gounong home shouted Skinner so 4 men and 1 veteran sergeant Smith Hutcheson wer off back home. The next day Smith walk up he reliced that he was in the hospital. he ternd his hed to face the arm that was ones made from boun,musall and flesh but now made from stell and wiyers.

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PostSubject: Re: Smith Hutcheson: A Friend in Need by Ackie88    Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:03 am

Cool.. More... do More..


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Smith Hutcheson: A Friend in Need by Ackie88
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