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 Flame thrower hose

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Flame thrower hose Empty
PostSubject: Flame thrower hose   Flame thrower hose Icon_minitimeTue Aug 27, 2013 5:02 pm

Amongst my stuff I had a flame thrower tank and gun, but lacked the black hose.

I had a look at work and have found that we had some rubber sleeving intended for use with mineral insulated cable fits on the stubs of the tank and gun.

It looks a little over scale as the rubber is quite thick, but it is acceptable if you have no hose! There is writing that could be removed with a scrape with a sharp blade.

I have a small amount, but if any one needs a bit pm me and I will send you some free (but you would need to send me a stamped addressed envelope).

An indication of the length of an original hose would also be appreciated as I don't actually know how long it should be.

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Flame thrower hose
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