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 No Frills Sailor Jacket VAM????

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No Frills Sailor Jacket VAM???? Empty
PostSubject: No Frills Sailor Jacket VAM????   No Frills Sailor Jacket VAM???? Icon_minitimeWed Jan 01, 2014 11:39 pm

Hello Friends...I have this rather plain Sailor pull over...No Tag...Do you think that it might be Vintage Action Man?It is missing a tie on the right hand front...each sleeve has a snap...The zipper is broke...No stains...I am thinking about having a new zipper put in..If you guys think that it's worth it....Thanks Walt No Frills Sailor Jacket VAM???? Km3bY5-FohatXrx6vU1DNghEO0Z2YHIWlasvfEqDLSol=w468-h351-noNo Frills Sailor Jacket VAM???? EBZyYO6iYfBN1FY8us60tX_D7Br1EfsOyf6wmaiX2bvf=w468-h351-no
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No Frills Sailor Jacket VAM????
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