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 Ronin Samurai (Takimoto Oda Nobunaga)

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French Resistance

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PostSubject: Re: Ronin Samurai (Takimoto Oda Nobunaga)   Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:39 pm

blueboxier wrote:
Hawkeye wrote:
Stonewall wrote:
Brilliant Hawkeye, Got to love sandals and Sword customs

Cheers yes the Armour has always fascinated me I read a lot about this and really like all the Simon Scarrow Roman fiction novels
I find macro and cato great too ian have you tried his wellington and napoleon quartet its good too

Cheers Jim yes they make a great team, I'm just reading 'Brothers in blood' at the moment, but they are getting more into the cloak and dagger stuff now, I've not read any of his Napoleonic stuff, I got pretty much wore that era out with all the Bernard Cornwells Sharp stuff I was reading, so went onto these I also read Ben Cane he does some good Roman and Hannibal stuff also a great series on Spartacus

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Mine Detection

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PostSubject: Re: Ronin Samurai (Takimoto Oda Nobunaga)   Sat Jun 13, 2015 3:11 pm

Ian, Noticed you had posted home made Roman armour threads. Alas neither have working images, could you please Post ?
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Ronin Samurai (Takimoto Oda Nobunaga)
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