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 Marvel Graphic Novels Collection

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PostSubject: Marvel Graphic Novels Collection   Thu Apr 17, 2014 9:56 pm

Hey guys has anyone been collecting the Marvel Graphic Novels Collection released a while back last year? I mention it because I have been collecting it since the beginning and I saw this and it reminded me of it as I'm presently enjoying Marvel Origins stories of the 60's and have got a vintage X- Men to look forward to by the looks of it 1970's when they launched the 2nd Generation team. I treally strikes me that some of the modern stuff is visually stunning but, that that is not surprising considering the technology available to artists in recent times I look at these comics and think they are on a par with anything created today if not infnitely more beautiful and stunning to look at for the fact that they're more pure ink sketches coloured in why you only need to look at the simple way Thor is drawn in beautiful colour it is the classic look and it just looks  cheers and the original grey Hulk the way he's drawn conveys a whole diffferent side to the character so often forgotten nowadays his face and body language convey such emotion.

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Marvel Graphic Novels Collection
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