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 WW1 (1914-1918) Centenary (2014-2018) My relatives..

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PostSubject: Re: WW1 (1914-1918) Centenary (2014-2018) My relatives..   Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:29 pm

clivvers wrote:
Thanks Jim,

I'm trying to find the photos of my grandad and his pal on their dispatch rider motorbikes, he used to deliver important war documents and was based somewhere in Scotland. My nan used to patrol her road in WW2 looking for house lights during a blackout, she also used to be a lookout for incendiary bombs, one landed in her back garden once, it's this garden which I'm in with my Action Man in 1971 in the 5th photo down: She used to tell me plenty of WW2 tales and how she used to watch dogfights from her back garden between spitfires and German planes. I used to ride my Chopper bike down old WW2 bomb craters back in the 1970's, some German planes used to ditch their bombs before reaching London and turned back, they left us stunt bike riders somewhere to have fun after skool back in the day.

Hope you find the pics Clivves!
Cool stuff! Very Happy


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WW1 (1914-1918) Centenary (2014-2018) My relatives..
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