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 Nissan X - Trail

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PostSubject: Nissan X - Trail   Thu Jan 15, 2015 1:17 am

Well we've outgrown our trusty Nissan Micra. We've had it four eight years and it's barely cost us anything. New Tyres, New Battery and this year a set of be spark plugs. My step twins are tall and Lois at nearly 6" tall has been struggling for a while. My brother when he saw him get in the back said at his height he should have the right to sit in the front all the time. The only problem my wide is 5" 11' so it would have to be me in the back and I'm the driver!!!!

Well we're looking to buy an oldish Nissan X - Trail. Anyone got one or had one and can tell me about the pro's and con's??

Thanks chaps
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PostSubject: Re: Nissan X - Trail   Thu Jan 15, 2015 2:42 am

Hope you find the vehicle that will work best for you Mark...
Yes alittle hard to drive while in the back-seat....


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Nissan X - Trail
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