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 Mystery men in Argos.

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Mystery men in Argos. Empty
PostSubject: Mystery men in Argos.   Mystery men in Argos. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2015 3:33 pm

Has anyone seen the new Argos catalogue? I was flicking through it yesterday and noticed four figures on page 1581. They're made by a company called Chad Valley, but there's nothing on the Argos or Chad Valley websites about them. They look a bit MAM-ish, but with full clothing - no molded clothes in sight! At £20 for four figures they're pretty cheap too. I might get some if I can find out when they're available.
Anyone know more about them?
Mystery men in Argos. IMG_20150808_151544196_zpsncwwwsiu

Mystery men in Argos. 71ddd946-00ff-4072-b6b8-dbc7c968f945_zps49748100
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Mystery men in Argos. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mystery men in Argos.   Mystery men in Argos. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2015 4:42 pm

They might be the new 'Action Squad' figures? They appear to have MAM type bodies, it would be great if Chad Valley are using ex MAM tooling  bounce

Chad Valley did similar type figures in the past, i think it might have been when MAM was all the rage the first time around, but the date says 1982 on this e-bay listing? a bit confusing. I will go off and double check the dates for the figure below on a special action figure reference site. I have this figure below, he's really ugly..

There's also one in my 'Boot Sale Finds' post, second photo down in the centre and a closer view in photo 14 further down..

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Mystery men in Argos. 36802940025_0f91338ef6_o
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Mystery men in Argos.
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