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 Slot Car Article

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PostSubject: Slot Car Article   Sun Dec 27, 2015 9:49 pm

Many of you here know that I like 00 Trains and 1/32 slot cars almost as much as I do our 12" friend.  

This article is of interest because it accurately narrates the rise of slot cars as being primarily a British hobby adopted by Americans.  The writer has a good grasp on the subject.  I particularly agree with his surmise about how eBay has affected prices in the slot car world.  It's not the reissues that are the culprit.    

Prices are down now because of eBay. Basically, eBay brought everything that was buried to the surface. Some of these kits that were very rare aren’t quite as hard to find anymore. People who invested very heavily in the ’90s are now showing a big loss.

Sound familiar? I've always asserted that the same is true about the G.I. Joe/VAM vintage market.

When Slot Cars Were Kings of the Arcades
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PostSubject: Re: Slot Car Article   Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:03 am

Very interesting, thanks for sharing that viewpoint Doug.

Just goes to show that one shouldn't view any of these collectible toys as investments. Buy because you love it. Not as a nest egg.
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Slot Car Article
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