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 The Photo Recreation Challenge

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The Photo Recreation Challenge Empty
PostSubject: The Photo Recreation Challenge   The Photo Recreation Challenge Icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2017 7:13 pm

Alright, last version.

1. Post one or two (max two at a time) pictures of your Action Men, from any point in your life, at the beginning of the month. First come first serve.

2. Multiple people are open to recreate the pictures using their own Action Men, no recreating your own however (if you want to, you can put it in another thread).

3. The recreated pictures should contain roughly the same number of Action Men, in similar poses, from a similar angle. The originals are open to interpretation, and the recreations don't need to be spot-on reproductions (although they can be).

4. Recreated pictures are due at the end of the posted month.

The Photo Recreation Challenge SOS

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The Photo Recreation Challenge
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