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 GI Joe Masterpeice Edition Vol. II: Action Sailor

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PostSubject: GI Joe Masterpeice Edition Vol. II: Action Sailor   Tue Feb 07, 2017 4:22 am

The second of the five Masterpiece Edition sets that had an "official release."

The figure is set in the right, and the book on the left, both are under a formed plastic insert, so as to keep them in place, but has been removed for photographs.

The figure is nicely done, and the uniform is even better than Joe40 in my opinion, because it feels vintage, Joe40 doesn't feel vintage to me.

The figure is pretty close to the vintage figure, but with different calves "to prevent over-extension."

The Head, inside the big box, it says "were mastered from an original 1964 rotomold. Every GI Joe head in this masterpiece collection originates from this long lost, never used master."

All in all, it's a great set. I bought one for dad after I broke his Joe40 putting on a frogman suit. I bought a Soldier (Vol. I) for myself because the guy selling them was selling them for 99 cents a piece.

Last year I bought the FAO Schwarz exclusive (Vol. V)

I have yet to purchase a Marine (Vol. III) or a Pilot (Vol. IV)

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GI Joe Masterpeice Edition Vol. II: Action Sailor
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