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 Final Sale Thread

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PostSubject: Final Sale Thread   Sun Dec 31, 2017 9:55 pm

Happy New Year everyone. Unfortunately having to move from Norfolk back to Shropshire, my Dad is very poorly and need to be near him. Also had the shock and amazing news that I'm going to be a Dad in June! This has led me to have one big final clearout and reduction of stuff to facilitate everything.

First come first serve. Postage at cost. Ask any questions. Thank guys. All items for sale will be added to this same thread in the coming days and weeks.

VAM cloth badges, 8 in total - unusual and all in fairly good condition. £3.50 each. £25 for lot.

Left to right. Green Radio £1.50, Underwater Explorer treasure chest (some damage) £4, bazooka (no innards) 50p, broken SLR (FREE), BOB Headgear and oxygen mask (VGC) £10.50, odd boot (FREE), KO Tall Black Boot (FREE), TC Black Beret (No Badge) £1, Black Basic Soldier Beret £1, French Beret £1.50, Brown Radio (No strap) 50p, Green Torch £1.50, Aldis Lamp 50p, Brown KO Carbine 50p, KO Oxygen Tanks 50p, Map & Case £1, Ski Pole Tip 50p, MP Cap badge 50p, Odd German Boots (both right Boots) 50p each, orange face mask 50p, black binos £1, tan boots pair (some marks on - may clean) £6, cavalry boots pair £1, foreign legion webbing £5, German back pack (popper needs reattaching) £5.50 SOLD, basic Soldier belt £3.50, entrenching tool Shovel 50p.

Left to right. MAM flack Jacket 50p, Ski Patrol Jacket (marked) 50p, Special Ops kit bag 50p, British Infantryman battledress and trousers £6.50, Russian jacket and trousers (one button missing - superb green colour and condition otherwise) £9, Early MP kit bag (missing clip) £1.50, Early MP jacket and trousers (missing poppers on Jacket) £4.50, blue adventurer jumper (split on one arm) £3 SOLD, German staff officer Jacket (pen mark on back) £2, Tan trousers from quartermaster card (label inside - marks on them - may come off) £1 SOLD, white shorts 50p, bunk bed covers x2 (FREE) KO Jacket (hole in arm) FREE.

MAM items - £7.50 for all pictured. Will sell individually - PM if want any single items.
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Final Sale Thread
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