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 WANTED: Blonde EE Head (and uniform?)

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WANTED: Blonde EE Head (and uniform?) Empty
PostSubject: WANTED: Blonde EE Head (and uniform?)   WANTED: Blonde EE Head (and uniform?) Icon_minitimeThu May 24, 2018 6:47 am

Just the head. I'm getting a new body for MacBeth, but want to keep the old body.

Figure I'd take my count up to 14 Very Happy , and give AYHQ a Quartermaster. Smile

Flock doesn't have to be great, but I'd prefer the EE action still be pretty good.


Something cheap, but enough to look like a dress/officer uniform.

Due to current employment fluctuations, payment will have to wait until sometime next month.

WANTED: Blonde EE Head (and uniform?) SOS

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WANTED: Blonde EE Head (and uniform?)
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