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 An Old Face Returns - Chapter 8.1 - The Man From A.Y.H.Q.

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PostSubject: An Old Face Returns - Chapter 8.1 - The Man From A.Y.H.Q.   Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:40 pm

Church: Commander, I'm coming online now. Can you hear me?

MacBeth: Aye. See you too.

Church: Good, I've got that status report for the rebellion in Sierra Reno.

MacBeth: Good, good. Let's hear it...

MacBeth: ...and I have another job for you after, if you're up for it.

Church: OK. The rebellion was a success. The new government is being put in place right now.

MacBeth: That's great news, and the Estrella Special Forces Group?

Church: Intact, ready to join AM Command at the next available opportunity.

MacBeth: Terrific. Now, this next assignment. Are you up for it?

Church: Ready and willing Sir.

Church: I just need a shower first.

MacBeth: This Volgan threat we're facing. Someone's running the show. I need to to get to Europe and dig up any intel on who's leading the Volgans. I'll have Sgt. Knight hook you up with a passport, funds, listening bugs, wiretaps, and anything else you need. This is top secret, Church.

MacBeth: MacBeth, out.

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An Old Face Returns - Chapter 8.1 - The Man From A.Y.H.Q.
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