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  1. Danthecoat
    Sat Jun 01, 2013 5:00 pm
    Message by Danthecoat - Re: Flock
    Hi Brian

    All ordered now so just waiting Smile

    Im going to do a few different tests for removing flock

    One............... Oven Cleaner (Overnight)
    Two............... Bleach 2 days
    Three............ Hot water and Denture Alcohol

    I will post the results Smile

    Is you flocking machine mains or battery ??? If battery how many does it take and what ones does it take ?????

    Got the mini flocker today must admit it looks great and very sturdy just that it only takes 2 1.5 volt batteries so only a 3 volt system but i think the output is important and i havent a clue about that ?????

    But never judge a book and all that Smile As soon as the flock arrives ill give it a run and see how we do Smile

    Looking forward to it now Smile

    Thanks for all your help Brian you have been really kind i got a blank from Action Burt and the others have been really cagey so i am really grateful for all of your help Smile

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