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 Kitbash: American Green Beret

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Eagle Eyes

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PostSubject: Kitbash: American Green Beret   Kitbash:  American Green Beret Icon_minitimeTue 25 Jun 2019 - 16:38

My first kitbash in a couple of years.

I hadn't lost interest, but I had done so many over the years, I was running out of inspiration. But I finally got round to doing one that I had been mulling over for quite a while.

Much as I love the original GI Joe/Action Man Green Beret (and I do love it - i have a dozen of' em), I have always regarded the original uniform as far too brightly coloured. This was supposed to be for jungle combat and it was virtually day-glo green; not very good for camouflage.

The fabric was also far too heavy giving the uniform a bulk that the real life uniform didn't have. This was supposed to be simulating a fatigue shirt and pants, but the colour and bulk ended up making it look more like a much more formal jacket/pants combo. And a strangely coloured one at that.

Here's John Wayne modelling the real thing for comparison...

Kitbash:  American Green Beret John-Wayne-Green-Berets

You can see what Hasbro was getting at, but they'd have been closer to the mark using a fabric similar to what they used for their normal Action Soldier fatigues.

Indeed one of the rarest of all GI Joe sets is a variation of the Green Beret set, available as a store exclusive through Jewel Home Shopping in which the figure is wearing the standard GI Joe Action Soldier fatigues. While looking nowhere near as distinctive as the more familiar version, he does look more combat ready in this version.

Kitbash:  American Green Beret GI-Joe-alternate

I have always thought that the ideal uniform for the Green Beret (had it been available at the time) would have been the fatigues on the Action Man 1970 Soldier figure.

Kitbash:  American Green Beret 1970-Soldier-Realistic-Hair

Despite coming equipped with a Sten gun, this guy is definitely not meant to be a British Soldier The beret is US Army style and the uniform does not resemble any British Army uniform of that era or earlier.

What it does resemble however, in both in terms of design and in the distinct shade of green of the fabric, is the then current US Army uniforms of the Vietnam era, noticeably different from the WWII/Korean War olive drab green fabric.

Kitbash:  American Green Beret Collage

Plus this figure was released at the time when the Action Man range had just introduced GI Joe's Vietnam era sets, such as the Armoured Car (Tank) Commander, Infantry Support Weapons and the Rifle Rack.

Consequently, i've found this uniform is a terrific basis for US Army Vietnam era kitbashes.

Kitbash:  American Green Beret Vietnam

So, I've always wondered what a Green Beret would look like in this uniform, and thought I'd get around to it someday, which (finally!) brings us to today's kitbash.

Et voila!

Kitbash:  American Green Beret 001

with a couple of minor exceptions, the 'bash uses all Hasbro/Palitoy kit.

Kitbash:  American Green Beret 002

And yes, I know the canteen isn't Vietnam era issue, but I wanted to keep the figure as "Joe" as possible.

Kitbash:  American Green Beret 003

The only non-Palitoy/Hasbro kit is the knife scabbard which comes from Cotswold Collectibles and the name tags which are by from One Sixth Scale King.

Kitbash:  American Green Beret 004

This kitbash had been so long in gestation at the back of my mind and I was so pleased with the result, that the first time ever, I christened one of my 'bashes. Smile

Kitbash:  American Green Beret 007

With the original for comparison.

Kitbash:  American Green Beret 007
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Armoured Car Commander

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PostSubject: Re: Kitbash: American Green Beret   Kitbash:  American Green Beret Icon_minitimeTue 25 Jun 2019 - 19:56

nice work
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PostSubject: Re: Kitbash: American Green Beret   Kitbash:  American Green Beret Icon_minitimeWed 26 Jun 2019 - 1:01

Fighting soldiers from the sky! Fearless men who jump and die!

Fantastic work! Love the attention to detail!

... DAVE
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PostSubject: Re: Kitbash: American Green Beret   Kitbash:  American Green Beret Icon_minitime

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Kitbash: American Green Beret
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