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 Cherilea Uniform

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Cherilea Uniform Empty
PostSubject: Cherilea Uniform   Cherilea Uniform Icon_minitimeMon Mar 15, 2021 11:38 pm

Hi, wasn't sure where to put this so feel free to move it Dal.

Anyone remember the free uniform. That came with certain cherilea vehicles. This one came with my DAK Half Track. Was supposed to be a stormtrooper uniform. I always thought it looked more like an Italian uniform.


Cherilea Uniform IMG_20210314_153320

Cherilea Uniform IMG_20210314_153332

Cherilea Uniform IMG_20210314_153341

Cherilea Uniform IMG_20210314_153345

Cherilea Uniform IMG_20210314_153500

If anyone has one of those even more disappointing free cherilea figures for sale I'll be interested to buy it once I'm back to work.
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Cherilea Uniform
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