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 The Official Horror Talk Topic!

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PostSubject: The Official Horror Talk Topic!   The Official Horror Talk Topic! Icon_minitimeThu Oct 07, 2021 5:45 pm

So it's October and this spooky time is My fave time of the whole year. With all of this nonsense going around the world we need some fantasy time for a change and Halloween is right around the corner Shocked

The Official Horror Talk Topic! Univer10
The Official Horror Talk Topic! My_hor10
The Official Horror Talk Topic! House_10
The Official Horror Talk Topic! The_mo11
The Official Horror Talk Topic! Night_11

I put together most of those pics you just saw. I especially wanted to put together that horror collage with some of the most iconic horror characters IMO. So talk those horror movies if ya know them or others that I didn't put there and talk like what is the scariest and nerve-racking scenes you ever witnessed and/or anything spooky that doesn't even have to do with movies Exclamation The options are endless bounce

The Official Horror Talk Topic! E69260c6fae305510ac43344535f7c83819fbc60_r
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The Official Horror Talk Topic!
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