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 Interview: Kimono Troop Command

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Kimono Troop Command
Russian Infantry
Kimono Troop Command

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Interview: Kimono Troop Command Empty
PostSubject: Interview: Kimono Troop Command   Interview: Kimono Troop Command Icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2022 1:46 pm

Today's date?

September 18,2022

Forum Name?

Action Man Mobile Operations

Real name?

What makes you think Kamiko Takahara isn't my real name....Anyway, you all know it's "Gary"


Montreal, Canada (Mine)

Kimono Troop (New Mexico)

Stahltruppe (?)

Inside Straight (On the fringes of Human Space)

Do you still own your favourite figure from when you were a kid?

Nope.  I don't even remember what happened to them.

Are you still in contact with childhood Vam/mam or 1/6 buddies?

Nope. Childhood was too long ago, and the only one I had was the kid next door.

Do you recall what was your first Vam/mam or 1/6 vehicle?

Around 1968 or 1969 I got a brown haired GI Joe, with USMC uniform, plus the astronaut suit, plus the GI Joe Space capsule. Now of course, I'm sorry I gave it away or sold it or whatever.

Best vehicle in your motorpool now?

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51335065766_a077836ce5_bPage_1 by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

One of these days, I'll get around to finishing the 1/6 WWII jeep with .50 caliber MG

Best figure in your collection (vam/mam or 1/6)?

Qualitatively speaking, this guy

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 52217519165_f6f33da289_bInside Straight: Commander Schlock, First Officer. by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

Best kitbash (custom figure) in your collection?

It's a tossup between these four

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51912694796_e1132e8f32_bGangrene 2 by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51833602510_0fdcff6e27_bred by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51305164163_69e2d7817d_bPilots Wanted by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

Did you ever get your most desired action figure item, either as a kid or as an adult collector?

Impossible to say, because my desires keep changing.

Do you still owned it?

See above

Are there any items you regret adding to your collection?

Just some cheap minor items that weren't worth the price

Has your collection grown since you came back to the hobby?

I started with one figure in late 2018.

8 months ago, my collection looked like this and it's grown since

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51742775231_f40d7ee4b1_bRoom For More???? by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

How many figures make up your HQ?

Right now...about 26.  That's including the robot.

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51976190838_1c0dcf6487_bWelcome to Altair IV by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

What does your spouse/partner/significant other or family think of your collection/hobby?

Luckily, I have only a pet cat. She doesn't care as long as she gets fed and I clean her litter box.

Why do you think adult collectors have a connection to vam/mam or 1/6 figures?

Some are recapturing a part of their childhoods. Others are military enthusiasts. Some like using them for photography, including erotic photography.

What do you enjoy about the action figure hobby?

Mostly using them to created comic book style stories, kitbashing.

What is your favourite kitbash (custom figure) by another forum member or online collector?

Dave's Dr. Evil trying to dress like Sir James Ian Bond-Fleming to impress Kamiko

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51142275519_ce6f2a247f_bThe Bard of Evil - 6/18 by davidd, on Flickr

Have your collecting interests changed since you first started collecting?

Not so much changed as grown.  In addition to Kimono Troop, I now have a fair sized stable of Nazis, a Retro sci-fi collection that spans "Forbidden Planet to Star Trek: Voyager and one anime figure with the hopes of getting more.

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51948147614_82da6aaa73_bMars Needs Women by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51948266185_566634b744_bThis Redskirt's Not Going To Die by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 51793123405_af67f69e6e_bPage_2 by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

Interview: Kimono Troop Command 52199544050_0357b4f7fc_bNo words by Gary  Menten, on Flickr

Do you have a favourite section of the AMMO forum?

Comics and General 1/6 chat

Why do you like AMMO?

The people, mainly. They are more prepared to play interactively than on other forums.

Are you active on any other online hobby forums you'd care to mention?

Don't care to mention them because they are not as good as AMMO.

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Interview: Kimono Troop Command Empty
PostSubject: Re: Interview: Kimono Troop Command   Interview: Kimono Troop Command Icon_minitimeSun Sep 18, 2022 5:38 pm

This was a fascinating read-thru! Mostly low-key answers, some on the droll side I suspect, yet somehow... somehow this veiled glimpse behind the scenes gave me quite a laugh, and suddenly I am beginning to feel my enthusiasm level, which has been lagging for quite some time, beginning to rebound!

And thanks for the mention of the Doctor Evil kitbash... based on your Sir James Ian Bond-Fleming kitbash! That version of Dr. Evil was intended to be temporary, but I liked it so much I ended up leaving him like that, and eventually I purchased a second Dr. Evil body to restore his original appearance.

... DAVE
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Interview: Kimono Troop Command Empty
PostSubject: Re: Interview: Kimono Troop Command   Interview: Kimono Troop Command Icon_minitimeMon Sep 19, 2022 7:06 am

A brilliant insight Gary into the workings at KT HQ! Thanks for taking part!
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Interview: Kimono Troop Command Empty
PostSubject: Re: Interview: Kimono Troop Command   Interview: Kimono Troop Command Icon_minitime

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Interview: Kimono Troop Command
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