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 When Men Where Men

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PostSubject: When Men Where Men   When Men Where Men Icon_minitimeTue May 21, 2013 4:31 am

We all watched those wonderful movies when we were kids, unfortunately the crap produced today doesn't come anywhere near.

So here is Sir Sid with a few classic movies and movie stars from the days when movie stars were the real deal........and not the garbage that exists today.

First up is Lee Marvin, Purple Heart winner in WW2 at Saipan, this is wonderful

Next up is Audie Murphy, America's most decorated soldier ever,

The legend..............Jimmy Stewart.......real life heroe....Colonel USAF

There are so many more to list, but in the meantime, ask this one question of today's so called stars.........." Would you volunteer, would you give your all? "

and im sorry to say that the answer from these self centred entitled pricks would be so predictable,

so get a life my friends, Marvin< Murphy, Stewar............true heroes

Sir Sid
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PostSubject: Re: When Men Where Men   When Men Where Men Icon_minitimeTue May 21, 2013 9:35 am

I visited Duxford IWM recently and they have an exhibition on the 8th Air force while I knew James Stewart flew in WW2 I didn`t realise that he also flew bombing missions in the Vietnam war as a reservist in the air national guard.

Richard Todd one of the first allied soldiers to land at Pegasus Bridge on D-day
Patrick Macnee MTB commander
Anthony Quayle SOE agent
David Niven Rifle Brigade
Peter Barkworth He of carry on fame was a vaulter covering the escapees at the infamous Sagen Stalag luft III POW camp ironicaly when he auditioned to play the part in the film The wooden horse he was rejected for not looking heroic enough!!
Spike Milligan Royal artillery
Harry Secombe Royal artillery Both these met at a field hospital where they were treated for shell shock Milligan after being blown up in a mortar attack and Secombe woke up after his tent got hit by a shell everyone else in the tent was killed except him.
Raymond Baxter Fighter Pilot
Patrick Moore navigator Bomber command
Michael Caine Infantry Korea
James Garner Infantry Korea and puple heart recipitant

Aparently Lee Marvin and the other actors was sent to the armourer on the set of the dirty dozen for instruction on use of the weapons in the film,Marvin picks up an M1 strips it down re-assembles it then leaves allowing the other to carry on.

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When Men Where Men
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