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 Boats and Planes

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Boats and Planes  Empty
PostSubject: Boats and Planes    Boats and Planes  Icon_minitimeThu Jun 25, 2015 3:04 pm

Hi fellas' any RC fans on here? just wondered if anyone could give me some guid prices on these:) I have the starter to start the planes too plus other bits accs ect. I have put a pen in most pics to show scale.


Jason Wink

Boats and Planes  11181700_972610409450018_8652631895216729951_n%201_zpspvlhyy2o

Boats and Planes  11351170_972610319450027_7290437225793257605_n_zpskohdke1g

Boats and Planes  11111913_972610359450023_462373921185084891_n_zpskwzrmaai

Boats and Planes  11012574_972610259450033_7070177572644255065_n_zpslosvill8

Boats and Planes  10418893_972610092783383_606794412106221830_n_zpsvz0vcpau
Boats and Planes  10406786_972610169450042_6689645145329682046_n_zpsmldon9w7

Boats and Planes  10390028_972610132783379_7012735058167556191_n_zpsotpcyimq

Boats and Planes  1743513_972610389450020_8045507260269280936_n_zps5x4vknl9

Boats and Planes  10403133_972610699449989_272132862763062552_n_zps57g77icr

Boats and Planes  11168029_972610649449994_6204722001837907462_n_zpsq53za5lc

Boats and Planes  11665409_972610669449992_7459900865854478502_n_zpsvkwgimwg

Boats and Planes  1797629_972610612783331_7397806750774030349_n_zpsmz4ugqwo

Boats and Planes  11065918_972610636116662_4868817290661026700_n_zps7yceaxyl
Boats and Planes  11063498_972610556116670_2238913308167053248_n_zpsea2j1sup

Boats and Planes  16982_972610466116679_3652971844429689506_n_zpsnuxjk2mj

Boats and Planes  11232944_972610522783340_5412291570629277572_n_zpsrbpsw6bv

Boats and Planes  11425246_972610432783349_5109074310904887844_n_zpsges6cf9h

Boats and Planes  11665520_972610036116722_1758413225417287097_n_zpsfqbvnrou

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Boats and Planes
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