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 Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion!

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PostSubject: Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion!   Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 06, 2017 5:36 am

A midnight meeting at AYHQ...

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! DSC_0309

Commander Triumph: Mike compared the sample data Commander Sabre sent. It's a match for Cliff 2.0's other 3%.

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! DSC_0310

Commander Triumph: We've got a Cliff/Hank hybrid here.

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! DSC_0313

Commander MacBeth: I've been contacted by Commander Sabre, he says there may have been foul play at his end. I also contacted GenTech directly, Dr. Tony Flocktastic no longer runs it due to a family issue. During the commotion of the management change, the tank they used for Hank 2.0 may not have gotten cleaned.

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! DSC_0314

Commander White: This does explain his behavior, and how he looks. He does look noticeably younger than Commander Sabre.

Captain Shepard: I'll tell him you said that.

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! DSC_0315

Commander Triumph: Well, should we try and correct this?

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! DSC_0317

Commander MacBeth: Aaagghhh, I don't think so. Cloning is still unfamiliar territory to us, we could make it worse, or kill him.

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! DSC_0319

Captain Shepard: And it's not like he's doing a bad job, he's performing exceptionally well, he's just a little mischievous. I say we keep him, and try to rein him in a little bit.

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! DSC_0320

Commander White: Couldn't have said it better myself.

Commander MacBeth: He's certainly making things lively around here. No one else does anything quite like he does.

Commander Triumph: You're very right, meeting adjourned?

Commander MacBeth: I think so, I'll contact Commander Sabre and tell him our decision.

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! Ay-sig

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PostSubject: Re: Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion!   Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 06, 2017 8:16 am

So it looks as if cliff 2.0 is off the hook, but I should imagine the powers that be at AY HQ will be keeping a close eye on him lol!

Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion! Blondeactionman-Sig-Copy
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Cliff 2.0 Mystery Conclusion!
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