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 Final Fantasy

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy   Final Fantasy Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2021 8:52 am

When posting in Brandon's Resident Evil post, I was thinking of two figures I had
picked up years ago. I was thinking they were from the series, and posted as such,
only to find the box backs of them and realizing they were not from the Resident Evil

They are from the Final Fantasy line.

The figures were made from Palisades. I got them in the box, and after digging them
out I found that the bodies are not great. It took a bit of work to get them to stand
long enough for a photo.

Dr. Sid came with an open book and a leaf. Dr. Aki Ross came with a weapon and a pod
with a plant in it. Since Dr. Sid can't hold the leaf, it lays at his feet.

The head sculpts look good, but the bodies can't seem to stay in place. I guess I will
need to find other bodies for them. I just liked the looks of them which is why I got
them. They were not expensive when I got them on ebay years ago. I got them to be
scientists in my 1/6 scale world, with no real idea of how to fit them in.

Final Fantasy Final_10

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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy   Final Fantasy Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2021 9:08 am

Great looking figures Daryl. I have a Doctor Sid myself and he features heavily in my latest story. I do agree, the bodies are awful. Sadly though, I think the clothes are stitched onto the figures, so a body change I fear will be challenging?
I will say though, the clothes and accessories are great!

Final Fantasy Blondeactionman-Sig-Copy
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy   Final Fantasy Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2021 1:47 pm

Interesting looking Figures , and look in minty condition .

" There will be no Mercy ."  Chip Hazard .
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy   Final Fantasy Icon_minitimeTue May 11, 2021 2:59 pm

Thanks for mentioning Me and My RE topic Daryl Very Happy Great pic dude Smile I can clearly see why you thought that they were from Resident Evil. They do have that similar resemblance IMO. I mean they are really from the same era and honestly I think they could fit in a RE display with exceptions.

When you said that they are made by Palisades I was like what...really? Then looking at Dr, Sid's wrist then I realized that YES, I see that he is made by them because I am familiar with that body because long ago back in the day I got the Reservoir Dogs 1/6 figures by Palisades I believe in 2001/2002. In fact, Dr. Sid resembles My Joe Cabot. Maybe in the future I will showcase them if I can get them out of storage and make room that is. I never took their clothing off so I cannot say anything about that but it is really a challenge to swap their additional heads however. I am unfamiliar with the Palisades female body but it looks similar like a Volks body from Japan just larger. She does look good and movie accurate like her counterpart.

As for Final Fantasy itself, I was never a big fan of it, it seemed very inconsistent game & movie wise. If the games were like the 2001 epic then I probably would have gotten into it more but Resident Evil was way more consistent with the games & movies a like.

I either completely forgot or didn't know that Palisades made FF figures. Now coincidentally, they did make Resident Evil figures around the same time but was in 6" - 7" scale though (I have them along with the in scale NECA versions that I may show in My Game topic in the future). Unfortunately, Palisades went out of business long ago which I thought that they were such a great up and coming company.

I guess that's it, good topic and great pic Daryl Very Happy

Final Fantasy E69260c6fae305510ac43344535f7c83819fbc60_r
"Remember: Looks are deceiving, everything We know may not be true, We are only beginning to learn." - I
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy   Final Fantasy Icon_minitime

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Final Fantasy
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