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 Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ.....

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Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Empty
PostSubject: Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ.....   Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2016 4:54 pm

Major Mike Baker calls an O group of the Munrovian officers and Senior NCO's.

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 29B520A3-A8C6-492C-82DF-5C12C58A3DD8_zpsgibwg0vn

Major Mike: "Gentlemen I have called us together as we need to increase our readiness efforts. The information we got from the Codes CO11 N01 and Black brought back tell us that the Dragonians are closing in. "

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 2AF3D8F0-B2D5-4C23-B92F-936AF9769471_zpsacggobbj

Major Mike: " Sgt Gunner2.0 you must get the CO11 battle operative ready. There  are key missions to conduct . In particular you must have each CO11 distinctly recognisible . This will boost the morale of the troops to see Child hero's leading from the front & banish any Post Loft Stress Disorder"

Captain Kobina: Sgt Gunner2.0,  check out Agent BlondeActionman's HQ . The CH5 are legends.
Sgt Gunner 2.0 " Sir ! I will also ask Gunner 1.0 to redouble his rescue & recruitment efforts Via the E-bay and GumTree transporter portals"
CK: " Be sure to check in with Mrs M...budgets are vital for this kind of mission !"

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 2DC1C5C9-C743-46DE-B152-69BD6A5AABC8_zpss6xp1y7x

MM:" Staff Sgt Duke- Your mission is to make sure the MAM security keep the base secure. In addition we need to get the heavy weapons support group really functioning- 
Sgt Duke: "Sure thing Major Mike !"
MM:" ...and make sure you get those bloomin' MAM hands sorted while you are at it!!"

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 4FB8BA05-128A-4978-90CB-D2744AAC424E_zps8o4isr0p

MM: Commander Zabaletta . I need your scouts out looking for survivours and tracking Dragonian movements . Our operating base must remain secure.

CZ:Si mi capitain se hari!

MM:Hmm .. quite ...Gen Custer in particular I need you to make sure your brave Marxian compatrioits who have made it over the border are integrated into a unit of crack irregulars'. Daring raids will be the order of the day. Liase with Commander Zabaletta .As an original CO11 member your leadership will be critical."
Gen Custer: " The Marxians won't let you down. We may lack lateral trunk & hip rotation but we can punch above our weight !"

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... D09A7DA8-7697-4532-8998-8A63819F9A61_zpsvhfxdd3y

Captain Kobina " Lts Gunn and Truebrit . 13 & 14 Platoon must be brought up to battle readiness ASAP. We need Patrols and readiness to launch a counter attack on a Dragonian Forward Operating Base we have located.

Major Mike: Lt Truebrit. You will integrate the regulars of 1st batallion with the Assualt Platoon and 2Lt Gaunt.

Lt Truebrit:" Yes Sir - In my opinion nothing beats a Basic Action Man Soldier !"
MM: "Lt Gunn- you are a CO11 replacement. Take care to live out the values of your predecessor and Action Man>

Lt Gunn
: - " Sir I will show that my Pedigree & Zodiac qualities are equal to the Palitoy credo"

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 8B912DDC-D475-4438-B9BC-0114F63C95BD_zpswxuswjkj

MM: "Gentlemen, I thank you for your diligence. The fate of Munrovia depends on our efforts. We are the last holdout against Dragonian Tyranny. If they get their hands on the the Zorbite location - they may dominate the 1/6th Universe!"

Captain Kobina:" Gentlemen you are dismissed to your duties. Lt TrueBbrit, Gunn ,Captain Dunn and Colour Sgt Hart. Please remain behind."

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 6D165334-7E0F-4A9B-8119-F4B5D4D2C1D1_zpsjgtycyg0

MM: " I wanted to talk about the Training Platoon. Efforts must be made to finish their training. I want to form a new Section- The Action Soldier Blue Berets.
CK: "Yes this will recall in the eyes of the Munrovians the key moment of '74 when we started to reduce our reliance on the Hasbrovian model army and started to form our own Identity".
Captain Dunn: "Excellent Idea sir!"
MM: "You can thank agents ActionYankee & Wiscan for their stirring reminders of the Action Soldier Blue Beret Heritage"
CK: " To that end we have been able to enlist the service of a one 1/6th legend, Gunny Lee Emery, who  will put the squad through their final PT and assess their readiness. We cannot afford any slack elastic any more !- Gunny Lee..."

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 8E744BF3-1605-471F-8604-A47C1D10C2A2_zpsowtggkit

Gunny Lee:
"PT is good for you , PT is Good for me -Pain is Weakness leaving the body - Hurrah !"
MM: "Ahm.. Thank you Gunny. I'm sure your other Voice Commands will be equally inspiring to the troops."
Gunny Lee" Were you born that fat or did you have to eat your entire family to achieve those results ?"..I have several more sir..
CK: "Thank you... Gunny please introduce us to your assistant"

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 8C11062D-5E80-472F-B930-9E0BE198EFAE_zpscftd0c1n

GL: Sir! This is Sgt Mike Cooldude. You should see his physique and articulation. "
Cooldude: " Fresh from killing Zombies Sir , you might recognise me from the TV?"
MM: "which episode of the Water Margin did you appear in ??

Lt True Brit steps forward.

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... D6FF7767-332B-43DA-9440-9FA81F017C66_zpsu1ikc3pj

LTB: "um Sir, may I suggest we also get Cpls Fraser and McCloud of the Para section to assist Gunnery Sgt Lee and Sgt Cooldude...they may be able to "ahem;.'learn something?"
MM: "Capital suggestion Truebrit! Capital...

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 162E0162-089F-4346-8357-6C167ACC5E90_zps0gv6a4io

GL: "Outstanding! ..Inter denominational cooperation is the order of the day. Now lead me to them- lets see how '70's Fuzz heads shape up!"
SCD: (thinks) My shades better not steam up ..

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... 13B2DFB6-13CD-49F8-BAA7-258F4110E56E_zpslhtzmvq8

Weighed down by the demands  of command Major Mike , walks off to ponder why he never had  Voice activated commands and where had he seen Cooldue before ? Was it the Water margin or was it the A- team ? maybe even Starskey & Hutch?...

In the back ground Captain Kobina gives Colour Hart additional responsibilities to check the SLR & M16 refurbishment programme..

CK".. and while your at it Hart take a look at those TurboCopters -lets get them active..if you want to see how its  done check out Hank & Joe @ SKJ HQ archive."

So how will Gunny Lee and Sgt Cooldude find the Training Platoon- will their elastic stand up to the pressures after 40 years ? or will they need a twist or even a re-string ?... find out in Part 2.."How do you like you PT in the morning?...or Gunny Lee's motivational phrases go Viral.."Well anyday sweetheart! Thats right don't make any effort , don't go the extra mile- Scumbag! "
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Breeches Buoy

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Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ.....   Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2016 5:12 pm

That's a good session fella... love the eye line perspectives... nice work! Twisted Evil
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Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ.....   Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2016 5:44 pm

Fantastic stuff Gunner!, it seems like the HQ is really being put through its paces! they will be ready for anything! if they survive the drill Sargent lol!
But I think the boys will be up for the challenge!.

Another fantastic strip, very funny and wonderfully photographed Very Happy . Looking forward to part two already! cheers cheers

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Blondeactionman-Sig-Copy
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Russian Infantry

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Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ.....   Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2016 10:17 pm

To quote Gunny...'Outstanding!!' Great post as ever Steve.

Good to see the Munrovians are planning ahead and formulating a coherent defence and counter attack strategy. however Cliff Sabre has cast his tactically expert eye over the preparations and would like to offer a few suggestions.

You're entrusting base security to a bunch of MAM? affraid  As soon as you turn your back they'll be AWOL. Off tree hugging trying to save the rain forest or down the local skateboard park!

As you say Marx figures are solid, built to last troops, but you're putting Gen Custer in command of them. Three words...'little'..'Big'....and 'Horn'! Rolling Eyes  I rest my case!

..but on the plus side..

I'm sure Lt Gunn will rise to the occasion and prove his worth. His true Brit Tommy Gunn pedigree will shine through. I see a star in the making.

Getting the 'Supreme Commander' on track re the Gumtree and Ebay recruitment drive is a good move. A previously unaware Mrs M reading your credit card statement over breakfast is not an experience you'll want to have twice!! lol!

Cooldude and Gunny will no doubt whip your troops into shape in double quick time. Just be prepared for Gunny to turn the air bluer than the recruits berets!

I feel confident the Munrovians will do well against the dragonians...but if they don't SKJ HQ will offer them sanctuary and asylum.

..well except the MAM, they can clear off to the local charity shop! lol!

Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... SKJ_Sig_1

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.
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Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ.....   Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ..... Icon_minitime

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Runmblings at the Munrovian HQ.....
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