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 GI Joe 40th Packaging

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PostSubject: GI Joe 40th Packaging   GI Joe 40th Packaging Icon_minitimeMon May 22, 2017 3:14 pm

This is here mostly for reference. I know the differences between these and VAM40 packaging are subtle, but they are there, and some folks may not have been able to see Joe40 packaging. The model for this reference is #18: Action Soldier Bivouac Tent set.

GI Joe 40th Packaging DSC_0192_zpsuxf9qfws

Note the number at the bottom, and the tab under the figure box boasting an "Authentic reproduction of a 1964 GI Joe figure inside!"

GI Joe 40th Packaging DSC_0193_zpswmkxbc2a

On all figure boxes and Accessory cards (both window and small) "Anniversary Edition" exists under the military branch sub-heading.

GI Joe 40th Packaging DSC_0195_zpsdvraklit

All sets come in a green map-pattern outer shell. The sides of which notate "GI Joe, Timeless Collection Anniversary Edition."

GI Joe 40th Packaging DSC_0196_zpsjjfgvvov

The back features a window to see the figure, a brief write-up about GI Joe and the 40th, some pictures from Joe's early days, and a glimpse at things to come.

GI Joe 40th Packaging DSC_0197_zpsf8e0yw8a

"GI Joe 40th Anniversary Collection"

"When he was introduced in 1964, GI JOE took the toy world by storm. With 21 movable parts and loads of detailed accessories. "America's Movable Fighting Man" quickly became a sensation and a new way to play for boys across the nation and around the world.

You are holding in your hands an authentically re-created GI JOE figure and his official equipment, just the way he was introduced in 1964. With uniforms, equipment, and packaging patterned after the original, The GI Joe 40th Anniversary Collection is sure to rekindle the fond memories of childhood. Look fir the Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Marine, and Action Pilot anniversary sets to complete your collection.

For nearly 40 years, GI JOE has captivated the imagination of generations of kids, with no end in sight!"

GI Joe 40th Packaging DSC_0198_zpswahdmsvz

The window to see the figure. This is achievable because the packaging for GI Joe is different than Action Man. GI Joe comes in a two piece, "coffin" box as they are affectionately known, that have a lid, and a bottom. This is in contrast to the Action Man figure boxes that open at one end.

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PostSubject: Re: GI Joe 40th Packaging   GI Joe 40th Packaging Icon_minitimeMon May 22, 2017 4:00 pm

Very interesting details Ian, my Joe coffin boxes strangely smell of chocolate. There's quite a few of us over here in the UK who really like the Joe 40th's, even with their slightly off skin tone colour, they represent the classic sets perfectly.. they are genuine and authentic Hasbro GI Joe reproductions, and very much welcomed here at clivvers action figure sanctuary. I've heard that some prefer the AM 40th's artwork over the Joe 40ths artwork, it could be down to printing quality?

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GI Joe 40th Packaging
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